What we're about

The South Georgian Core Residents Association was established in November 2017 to support the development of a connected, vibrant, residential community in this historic area of the city. Its members live in the streets, lanes and squares of the 'South Georgian Core' which is area enclosed between Stephen's Green and the Grand Canal from North to South and from Mount Street Lower to Lesson Street Lower, East to West.

The three main aims of the association are to:
1. increase the sense of community and social interaction among residents.
2. ensure the area is well represented when dealing with Local and Statutory Bodies.
3. encourage the preservation, protection, development and improvement of amenities for residents in the area.

To date the Residents Association has been active in:
1. Organising social events, talks and information sessions.
2. Representing residents on planning issues, waste collection, street cleansing and other issues of local concern.
3. Liaising with DCC and local politicians on behalf of residents.
4. Supporting city events such as Clean-up Dublin.
5. Informing members of local events and developments through regular newsletters.

Benefits of Membership

• Increasing the sense of belonging, social interaction and participation in the community.
• To be an active member of the community and larger community network.
• To support representation for or against planning proposals
• Effective campaigning on local issues.
• Numerical strength gives us influence and credibility with DCC and other bodies
• The Residents Association gives you an additional voice in local affairs.

A significant increase in informal contact in the neighbourhood is occurring among Residents Association members. The Residents Association’s WhatsApp Group, which you can opt into, has already proved itself an effective informal information sharing forum for residents.

Past events (3)

AGM: South Georgian Core Residents' Association

3 Fitzwilliam Street Upper

Irish Art of the Past and Today; A Talk by Kenneth Donfield

3 Fitzwilliam Street Upper

Save the Trees Walk - Red Ribbon Campaign

Nutley Building, Merrion Centre

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