What we're about

This meetup group, my little "tribe" is for WOMEN only. I'm offering safe space for creatives, magic makers, lightworkers, empaths & women of all ages who want to live out loud….YES! I’m speaking to YOU. If you are ready, this is a group that will inspire you to evolve and expand into your own greatness.

I am here to offer encouragement and ask you to show up however it feels right to you. Be complete messy, weird, magical, fragmented, or all put together if you like…BUT just show up. You don’t have to have it all figured out or all under control (none of us really do). Just hang out with us, have a coffee, & awaken into who you really are.

I want to see you and hear you for the magically creative and magnificent woman that you already are, and the one that is in the messy process of waking up into who she is called to be.

So, check your insecurities and inhibitions at the door. They are not needed when you are in my company (or anywhere for that matter). Here you are invited to think what you want to think, feel what you want to feel, and be who you truly are....Not the watered down version!

I’m calling you here to take part in FIERCE sisterhood. Share your uniqueness. I encourage you to step forward and take up some space in this great big world of ours. Be wild, be free, be bold, and awaken the Goddess within. Isn’t it about time?

In my practice, I work exclusively with Women. This group is my community outreach to encourage & empower Women through creative exploration, holistic wellness, and real girl talk that supports you from exactly where you are on your path.

We will talk openly, share stories, and experiences. We will play, dance, and create. We will dig deep, get honest, and let go of what no longer serves us. You'll be supported every step of the way. Ask questions and get honest answers while building each other up in sisterhood. I hope that you will join me for this part of your journey.

If you'd like to work with me privately, call or text me at 770-896-2062 to schedule a session.

Walk your path fiercely,

Jen "KatFyre" Piceno LMT / RMT / ORDM
Activator of Change & Transformation

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