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Introduction to Spells and Circle Casting

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Just the mention of the word 'spells' and people often conjure up images of old, warty ladies cackling around a cauldron, wearing pointy hats, but how far from reality is this picture? And what exactly are real spells? Do they work and how do you know what to do?

For those wanting a starting point, this workshop's for you! We will learn the importance of creating a sacred space within which to work (Casting a circle), and the many ways there are in which to do this. We will look at the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in turn, as well as the fifth Element, Ether, which we bring as ourselves. We'll then have a go at casting our own circle so we can see the difference it makes to any working that we do, whether it be just meditation, spellwork or for the purposes of celebrating the Sabbats.

We will look at why spells have such a bad rap, and why they aren't actually bad or anything to be feared, they are a way of manifesting desirable situations and outcomes.

This workshop is ideal for those just beginning or curious about beginning to work with Magick, but those that have some experience working with Magick and Casting Circles are very welcome to come and lend their experience and expertise!

I very much hope to see you there, this promises to be a very **MAGICKAL** evening!!

Love and Light,
Leonie xxx


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