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Tree Wisdom and Grounding Workshop

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We are all growing and developing our connection to Spirit and the Universe, but something that is equally important is connecting with the trees, the Earth, and learning to Ground ourselves properly after any kind of spiritual work, and in everyday life when we feel disconnected.

Grounding is important especially for people working with Spirit. When we meditate, our personal energy field - the aura - expands. In this expanded state, we can more easily connect with Spirit and the Universe. When we expand our vibrations to work spiritually, we need strong roots.

This is where tree wisdom comes in. If you think about a tree, the bigger the top branches, the deeper and stronger the roots need to be, otherwise the tree will fall over. As we develop our ability to energetically expand, if we choose not to ground ourselves regularly, we can start to grow disconnected with this world. To be at our happiest and healthiest, we need equally strong connections with the Earth as we have with Spirit.

In this workshop, we will be discussing folklore where trees are mentioned, trees and their many magical and spiritual roles, connecting in with Tree Energy, and in meditation, experiencing what we would feel like if we were trees. We will do our usual chakra cleanse and clear but the connection here will be Earthy rather than being up in the Heavens like we normally are!

Some homework/preparation before this workshop will be to spend some time with trees, looking at their physicality, touching their bark, feeling their leaves, even hugging them if you feel so inclined! It does not need to be hours upon hours that you spend with them but sitting even for ten minutes or so will be extremely helpful in preparation for this workshop. You may even want to bring along leaves, twigs or pictures of a favourite tree to the workshop with you.

Tea and cake/biscuits will be provided as normal.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Blessed Be,
Leonie x