Loving your Head and the Heart

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How many times do we curse at our 'stupid brains' or 'stupid hearts'?

The thing is, we often curse the thing that is really, truly looking out for us. It just might not be giving us the answer that we want to hear. We still love them, we don't love them, we must do this first, we can't do this yet, etc.

Sometimes it is hard to make a decision when you are caught between your head saying one thing and your heart saying another.... for example, my heart says leave my job, but my head says I need to pay my bills. This often leads to conflict within, without being able to find the solution that readily exists. This meditation is designed to align your head and your heart into one place of mutual unconditional love. Love your head and your heart, align and balance them and decisions will be easier to make.

Finishing the evening off with tea and biscuits afterwards, which your head and your heart will know are good for you!

Injoy, inlight and inlove,

Phoenix xx