Astral Travel & Remote Viewing Workshop with Rev. Stacy Kopchinski


Ever experience a moment where you knew you were somewhere else? Want to travel to other places with a thought? What to learn about all that is out there in this huge universe to travel too? In this interactive workshop you will learn how your soul travels to another place when your physical body is at rest. You will also learn how to control travel and do it when you want. You will learn how to project yourself to place to learn more about your path or to better your mediumship and psychic work. Please bring a comfortable pillow, pen and paper to class. Come and See where your soul can travel!

Rev. Stacy Kopchinski is a National Spiritualist Teacher, Commissioned Healer, and Certified Medium through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches and has been a Spiritualist many years. Stacy is the President of the LM/CM Society, Secretary Treasurer for the NST Club and is a member of the NSAC Healer’s League, Ministerial Association, ISF and Lily Dale Assembly.
Cost: $20.00