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We are being offered free use of the meeting room, and are therefore guests. The Children's Institute has asked that we not park in their lot (handicapped members excepted; if you have plates or a placard, you can park in the lot), but park on the street. There is parking on Shady Avenue. The main entrance is on Shady. You must register with the reception desk. We meet in Room 220, which can be difficult to find if you've not been there before, so it is best to arrive early so the intrepid, experienced members who already know the way can lead you. Bringing breadcrumbs is optional, but be aware that they clean and polish the floors in the evenings, and this is even more effective than birds for removing trails of breadcrumbs. If you arrive late for your first meeting, ask the receptionist for directions. Also be aware that anyone found wandering the halls muttering "220, 220..." after 9pm will be swept out with the trash.

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