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I’ve been a sculler for about a year now, car-topping my shell to the nearest suitable wet place around St Pete, imagining someday being able to walk into a boathouse, lift my shell off a rack and launch from a low dock. There are probably few others whose bucket list includes being able to row out of a boathouse. Recently I’ve begun to row with a few like-minded folks in St Pete and my hope is that in time we will achieve this goal. We have talked about forming a St Pete Community Rowing/Sculling Club. Like many water sports in recent years, we expect interest in rowing to grow as more people realize the health benefits and social attributes of rowing.

Not only is rowing one of the most efficient aerobic fitness activities, it is low impact compared to running. Moreover, as more parents and student athletes consider the risks of concussion in many contact sports they are drawn to the life-long activity that rowing offers. Unlike football players, oarsmen and oarswomen continue to row and compete at master’s events well into their 70s. In time maybe I’ll be one of them and you too! The plan is to do so out of a real boathouse one day,,,, here in St Pete!

If you have a boat to row,,, lets row together sometime! Or if you are interested in helping to start a fledgling Sculling/Rowing Club here in St Pete, LET's TALK! I would love to have boats that we can share and row and race together!

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