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Learn How To Self-Coach to Get That Book, Painting, Screenplay, Idea, Invention or Any Other Project Started and Done
Got a project shoved away in the drawer and you can't pick it up again? Don't have a project but know you want to do more with your life?
Getting projects done is tough work, especially if they are something that is an "add-on", meaning that this project is something we want to do when our regular life things are under control and done---our job, household stuff, visiting with friends, family, and pets, etc, etc., etc. When and how can we ever get down to our projects!?

Learn the secrets of overcoming:

  • the challenges we face every time we start (or restart) a project
    our worse enemy, our inner critics
    no time
    not knowing where to start
    common ways of thinking that are really dead-end ways of approaching your project
    lack of focus while you work and when you don't work
    lack of self-discipline and persistence (these are different skills)

Learn the secrets of building:

  • upon your strengths and values
    your ability to work with others to get your project done
    your ability to create a strong vision of what you want to do
    your ability to discover your own pace
    your ability to keep your project "top of mind"
    your ability to find creative time here and there
    and more

Learn the secrets of getting started and staying going from the emerging field of Creativity Coaching. Creativity Coaching can help anyone---aspiring writers, painters, magicians, quilters, to hobbyist photographers---you name it, anyone who takes on special projects and wants to get the darn things done. This is a practical, down-to-earth support group filled with: exercises, tips, resources, presentations.
Each meeting will start with a short presentation. That will be followed by a discussion, exchange of ideas and encouragement.

More About The Stuck Creative:
Curious but not sure if you want to attend a meeting? Get a flavor of what we do and discuss at The Stuck Creative Blog. Go to:

Group Leader: Gary Goodwin has been trained by Eric Maisel, the father of Creativity Coaching and by other coaching experts. In addition to these skills, he has had training in tools important to peak performance such as imagery, performance psychology, the psychology of change, positive psychology, and has been trained in how to spot barriers to creativity such as anxiety, depression, frustration, and low self-confidence.

Free . Open to all as a drop-in meeting.
For more info, e-mail:

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