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If you’re seriously interested in understanding the power of your night dreams along with symbolic communication from meditations, daydreams, synchronicities and more, then this meetup is for you! Beginners to advanced are welcome, as lifelong expert dreamer Carl Johann Schroeder leads the group in the sharing and interpreting of volunteered dreams. We use the “if it were my dream” approach that honors the dreamer’s own meanings while allowing everyone to make more associations. The group is well-structured for real lessons along the way on levels of reality, lucid dreaming, messages from spiritual helpers and archetypes, soul evolution, astral travel and more. Your dreams are rocket fuel to the creativity, success, and destiny of joy that you’ve always wanted. Invite more of your amazing and sacred unconscious mind into your own conscious living today!

SUBSCRIBE at to get the free ISM newsletter for all our weekly life tips and events. We've got a FB group to share dreams anytime at I also teach a spiritual psychology system I’ve developed called Inner Selves Mastery, and run another meetup at so there’s lots of great stuff going on!

About Your Facilitator: I’ve been working intensively with my night dreams for decades since my early 20’s. I usually remember several dreams every night which I’ve learned to decode for various amazing experiences including spiritual messages, astral travel, lucid networking, past life memories, precognitive manifesting, and inner selves healing. Not everyone’s dreams have to be so exotic to bring valuable lessons of course, I’ve just collected a wide range of experiences as part of my personal joy to be a teacher and guide for the human potential.

I've taught classes on dreams and led a dream group in Boston for many years before moving to the Raleigh NC area in 2014 where I helped with the dream group at the Rhine parapsychology research center in Durham NC. I'm a frequent contributor to the Facebook page for the International Association for the Study of Dreams which I can highly recommend. I started The Super Dream Share meetup in 2020 as another resource for dream understanding which is so important at this time in history when people need their higher guidance to survive and thrive.

For more dream guidance from me, check out:

1.       my Dream Meanings video series on my youtube channel at

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3.       a podcast interview I did on dreamwork:

best wishes and sweet dreams!
... remember that understanding even an upsetting dream is sweet indeed, so be courageous dreamers!

Carl Johann Schroeder
spiritual teaching and coaching

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