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Organising social breaks or sharing time with new people can be hard if you have ADHD. You're busy with work, family, study, life. Time goes by. You miss that coffee/chat or put that catch-up on hold ...

Mixing and meeting like-minded people is an important aspect of a healthy, happy life with ADHD !

We are a volunteer run group. We enjoy getting together and exchanging info and ideas. At meetups you've an opportunity to talk about ADHD, share stories and embrace our ADHD personality traits.

Everyone wanting to meet fellow travelers in the growing Sydney/NSW ADHD community is encouraged to attend.

See you soon.

Ps - new ideas are always welcome. Send us a message. All suggestions considered unless they're difficult or inappropriate, in which case we'll let you know the reason) : )

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Special Event: Why is it So Hard to Concentrate with ADHD?

Barneys on Broadway (St Barnabas Church centre)- Howard Guiness Hall

ADHD is a common condition yet many people have little idea what it actually means to have it, to live with a mind that has difficulty maintaining concentration. For us, distractions can be debilitating. They impact everyday tasks that others consider easy or straightforward. It's often difficult to understand why this happens and for those not affected by it, it's impact on us! **JOIN US for this UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY** Organised by our close friends ADDults with ADHD (not for profit, volunteer run charity). Led by Dr Alison Poulton from Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, we will explore how the ADHD mind works, what happens to concentration minute-by-minute, and how this affects daily functioning. With limited Australian research into ADHD, this session is an exciting opportunity for you to be involved in research to produce an analogy or illustration that 1/ people with ADHD can relate to and 2/ people who do not have ADHD can understand REGISTRATION is ESSENTIAL! Don't Miss Out. REGISTER YOUR SPOT HERE: https://tinyurl.com/y53ft6dz DOWNLOAD FLYER HERE: https://tinyurl.com/y6tpv5cd Donation to help cover the costs appreciated. Tea, coffee & chat afterwards. Free ADHD information available and ADHD resources for sale.

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Awareness Afternoon. "Beating Low Mood When You Have ADHD”

Barneys on Broadway (St Barnabas Church centre)- Howard Guiness Hall

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