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Innovate and Co-Create @ The THNK Club

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Innovate and Co-Create @ The THNK Club


Hello and welcome to “The THNK Club”!

Hope you are doing well and making the best out of your day!

My name is David, founder of The THNK Club and THNK.innovation and a global community evangelist based in Melbourne/Australia.

First please allow me to apologies for the delay in setting up our first event. As most of would appreciate we are living in very interesting times. Plans that we made a month ago do not necessarily sound that good anymore today.

• We all have to adjust.
• And we have to adjust quickly!

But this is not necessarily bad news. All of us are pretty much in the same boat right now, the single entrepreneur, every individual human as well as the biggest organisations and corporations on the planet.
And it is us, small and nibble ones that are the most agile ones to respond to the new challenges that the world is confronting us with these days.

Let’s do it!!!

In our 1st online event, I will introduce to you the idea behind The THNK Club, what we will be doing together with you over the next weeks and months and how we are planning to make it the most exciting and interactive online learning and co-creation experience for all of you!

How are we going to do that?

To avoid bandwidth and latency issues as experienced so often over the last couple of weeks we will be doing this as a Youtube live event.

Use the link below to join the live stream!

!!! Please check back here 60 minutes before the scheduled meetup for the latest updates and links to the videos and live streams!!!

See you all soon!

Until then,

Stay safe and stay awesome!

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