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America is in Trouble. Rising National Debt, low Educational performance, crumbling Infrastructure, lack of political will and direction. Is America now in a long term decline? If so, what can be done to 'fix America'? I look around and there are not many SERIOUS discussions on what Underlying forces are driving the Issues we face as a Nation. This group will be the polar opposite of Glen Beck style crazy. The nation faces real issues and needs real solutions. Not more smoke and mirrors for the easily mislead...

The purpose of this group is to discuss the what, where, and how of why America seems to be failing in so many areas. This is a group for Smart and Serious people who see beyond the Political noise produced by the two parties and their lackeys. If you want to explore today's issues and seek Intelligent solutions than come join the discussion. This is NOT a group for you if you think solutions to issues can be distilled down to three word slogans. This is not a group for you if you are a strident Republican OR Democrat who only thinks along party lines. Good ideas appear throughout the political spectrum so this is a non partisan group as far as solutions go.

Most Meetups will take place at my home In NE Tacoma. Out on the deck in warm weather, Inside when it's not.

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