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The Tantra Play Club is dedicated to revealing the spirituality of love with the ultimate purpose of learning to practice deep connectedness, first with oneself, which is necessary to connectedness with others.

Ultimately the practice of this path is to gain access to the higher mind. What is the "higher mind" ? It is where brief flashes of insight arise from, often as the mind perceives connections between things that mostly escape the sequential analysis of the ordinary mind.

For this to happen, the relaxing of the ordinary mind is necessary so that a wider perception becomes available for perceiving the more subtle reactions that arise from the expectations and projections of ordinary mind. This creates the opportunity to observe and learn the nature of mind. When this becomes a practiced state one has acquired the faculty of perception and transmitting of subtle energies that are the currency of connecting in oneness.

The ultimate realization we seek is that we are "Angels of Love" appearing on this physical plane so that we as soul beings can meet and experience Oneness. This is our human mission and opportunity, it is embedded in the atoms and even sub-atomics of this physical manifestation.

The mission is to find our way back to ourselves, our Source, which happens together in celebration in mutual Presence.

Practicing that enables us to reach this Oneness is what here we call tantra.

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