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The Tantra Play Club is dedicated to revealing the spirituality of love inherent in sexuality for the ultimate purpose of fostering deep connectedness amongst humanity. When life flows through us in conscious purpose, we create and this pleasurable reward is experienced as "play", and when we humans commune in awareness of one another's soul level of being and together reach beyond, this is "Tantra", being in awareness of all our levels at once.

We offer Seminar-Workshops and Puja Celebration Events for practical experiential learning. We also offer "Tantric Energy Bodywork" which for that time brings conscious awareness of our human etheric bodies as the unspoken communication of touch with loving intent.

Our ultimate realization is that what and who we all are, are "Angels of Love", this is our human mission and opportunity, this is embedded in the atoms and even sub-atomics of our physical presence. Our mission is to find our way back to this our Source, which is to celebrate together in mutual Presence.

But what is this "Presence" we seek to share, to commune in together ?

As one allegory, most do not know that the book of "Exodus" is an allegorical guide about the individual's escape from the bondage of physical security and gratification, referred to as 'Pharaoh', then through psychological development of discipline instilled by the crossing of the desert, with eventual arrival unto Canaan, the "land flowing with milk and honey" which refers to the peace and tranquility experienced only at which point we encounter our inner soul self.

This place of the soul, sometimes referred to as "The Watcher", is so-called because our soul is ever awake and watchful over us, is a pure consciousness where two may meet and experience Oneness.

To reach this Oneness is to do tantra.

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