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The Tantra of Presence

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Evelina's Studio

222 Fashion Ln., Suite 208, Tustin CA 9270 · Tustin, CA

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Second Floor, Plenty of parking is available

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Presence is the only doorway to Love, to Sacred Connection, to an Experience that cuts right through the veil and into the Heart of Truth.

During these meetups there are no concepts to learn or remember. My desire is to create direct mystical experience of becoming so deeply present with everything in our life that Life itself becomes a Sensual Ecstatic Experience.

The Tantra of Presence is entirely experiential - from special internal movement meditation to other practices that will awaken your desire to be in the world - totally, without inhibition, without fear, without love...

By learning how to move to deep relaxation, we tune to a deep well being state where everything becomes a source of pleasure - and that reflects on our relationship with ourselves, others, our lovers and everything around us...

We all recognize the magic of falling in love. What we should realize is that what we truly experience, is that the divine level of presence with the other being creates a field of truth, power,

What if we could embody the same level of presence with nature, with food, with sound, with air, a cup of coffee..

The more we embody this way of being the more people around us will be much more deeply affected by our presence..and presence is contagious...

Suggested love offering for this private event and class is $20

It's written in our heart how to love...

With Infinite Love and Gratitude


You are fascinated about Tantra but you feel uncomfortable and not sure ? Message me ask me questions...there is no need for previous experience, you won’t feel uncomfortable because all practices are natural and easy...