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The Cygnus Café

Inspired by the founders of the spiritual book club Cygnus Review, Ann and Geoff Napier, the Cygnus Cafes have been established for like-minded people who are interested in such subjects to meet and get to know each other. The Taunton Cygnus Cafe started 3 years ago and meets monthly, forming a new community of like-minded people wishing to explore the bigger meaning of life and inspire us in our spiritual journey. The meetings are based on the model of the World Café model where sometimes there are chosen speakers or themes by the group. This idea should appeal to those who are interested in bringing about positive change in the world - as well as in themselves and who wish to interact with others with a similar approach to life.

The Aurora Gathering

This is an deeply valuable opportunity for us to communicate with others without any agenda, rules, belief systems or assumptions. It’s a chance to speak honestly from the heart about whatever is happening for us, knowing that we will be heard with compassion and without judgement.

We may then see that underneath all our apparent differences is what we have in common – we are all the same. We may then experience the understanding that we are not separate but are all on Life’s Journey... however we may see that.

Do come and join us as we sit, talk, relax, laugh and connect, sharing what we have learnt – or find difficult in our lives - knowing that we are amongst those who care. All are welcome.

Aurora is the first ray of light from the sun at dawn – the first ray of hope that is there every day of the year, every year....

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This is an opportunity for people of like mind to get together and discuss the bigger picture of life - embracing health, the spiritual life and how we can work as a community. We also invite incredibly inspiring speakers on all subjects from how to communicate with animals and trees to having an opportunity to return to past lives. We have a vibrant community. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information regarding our programme of activities and where we meet, please email Sigrid - [masked] .................................................................................................................... Timing: Usual arrival time of 2 - 2.30pm We have the facility of a kitchen and do not need to bring our own mugs. However, if you would like to bring any drinks or biscuits/snacks that would be most appreciated Suggested voluntary contribution: £5.

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