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Inspired by the founders of the spiritual book club Cygnus Review, Ann and Geoff Napier, the Cygnus Cafes have been established for like-minded people who are interested in such subjects to meet and get to know each other. The Taunton Cygnus Cafe started 3 years ago and meets monthly, forming a new community of like-minded people wishing to explore the bigger meaning of life and inspire us in our spiritual journey. The meetings are based on the model of the World Café model where sometimes there are chosen speakers or themes by the group. This idea should appeal to those who are interested in bringing about positive change in the world - as well as in themselves and who wish to interact with others with a similar approach to life.

The Aurora Gathering

This is an deeply valuable opportunity for us to communicate with others without any agenda, rules, belief systems or assumptions. It’s a chance to speak honestly from the heart about whatever is happening for us, knowing that we will be heard with compassion and without judgement.

We may then see that underneath all our apparent differences is what we have in common – we are all the same. We may then experience the understanding that we are not separate but are all on Life’s Journey... however we may see that.

Do come and join us as we sit, talk, relax, laugh and connect, sharing what we have learnt – or find difficult in our lives - knowing that we are amongst those who care. All are welcome.

Aurora is the first ray of light from the sun at dawn – the first ray of hope that is there every day of the year, every year....

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GENERAL DISCUSSION AND EXCHANGE Hello Everyone, Sigrid here. - As mentioned in my e-mail just sent out tonight, our next meeting will be not far off, ie on the 15th October, again at the usual place, the Quaker Meeting House in Taunton - see details below. Unfortunately, Robin and Jenny cannot be with us as they have two retreats that month, both in the Med. Well, we all know it's a tough job but someone's got to do it! In fact, I mean that because they are doing very valuable work and have a heavy workload most of the time. - However, I can confirm that Jenny will talk to us on Tachyon Energies/Healing in November. You may ask "What"? - yes, they are energies and a new healing method that has not been known very long on our planet and apparently comes from somewhere off-planet. I certainly cannot wait! Next week however we have the place to ourselves and our discussions are usually quite wide-ranging. What I realised would be even more beneficial than what we are doing already, would be to consciously concentrate on what positive things we are already, and can do ourselves to improve the world situation. And although we are constantly being suggested to every day that we are under threat, that we cannot do much, we obviously realise already that that is not true, otherwise we wouldn't be in the Cygnus Group. However, it is an insiduous type of brainwash that often gets past our filters and I can see two simple things doing very powerful work in the world, namely personal and mass meditations as well as keeping ourselves in a "feel good" mood. It is to this latter end that I have set up a separate Facebook page where only positive news are posted. There are already quite a few types of sites like that but I felt impelled to do my own bit towards it, simply by sometimes helping a smile appear on someone's frowned face. It started when I caught sight of myself in the mirror while doing my chores, and was shocked to see such a negative expression and furrowed brows, simply out of habit!! I think you may have to join as a friend first on the main page before you can see my page called "Positive Vibes" which has a large Orange Chrysanthemum Flower to the left of the page. At this time, I will be happy if I can simply make you smile. - It's a simple page and if someone wants to give me some advice on how to improve it, I should be more than grateful. I probably have to change it into a Group page so that everyone can have better access. Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be as long as this. Let me know whether you can come. I simply send you: Love and blessings, Sigrid ----------------------------------------------------- LOCATION: TAUNTON QUAKER MEETING HOUSE, Bath Place, Taunton Parking in The Crescent Car Park (halfway up The Crescent to left, behind Boots in the High Street) Free Parking on Sundays Entry to the Meeting House from the Car Park direct (go down alleyway at left side of building) Time: Usual time of 2 - 2.30pm We have the facility of the kitchen and do not need to bring our own mugs any longer. However, we'll still need to bring our drinks and any biscuits/snacks. Suggested voluntary contribution: £5.

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A Unique Opportunity to Receive Channelled Wisdom From Powerful Guides.

Taunton Quaker Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton