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Come network and share experiences with other local Meetup Organizers! Swap tips, share advice, and learn from fellow Orgs as you strive to make your Meetups the best they can be. Open to all Meetup Organizers, Co-Organizers, Assistant and Event Organizers near Tel Aviv. Join us!

Organizer Meetups are peer-to-peer groups. Meetup HQ is not running this Meetup group in any official capacity, and generally doesn't doesn’t monitor, review, or control any events or other content before it is posted. Meetups are run by local community leaders and not administered by Meetup HQ (unless otherwise noted).

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DLD Tel Aviv Urban Happening @ Rothschild Blvd

Rothschild Blvd

May 20th On Rotchild Blvd

Rotchild Blvd

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