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As of July 28, 2014, The Temple of Hecate, Inc. was the first incorporated Temple dedicated to the Goddess Hecate in NYS.

The temple was founded by Directors: Laurie Bizzarro, Gary Suto, JSterling Hurley, Matthew Sawicki, Mario Pabón Andraca, and Anna Lewis.

We are here and open to All who wish to worship, whether alone or collectively, in a sacred space devoted to Our Great Mother. While the temple, located in Staten Island by the ferry, is under construction, we will continue to hold rituals at Catland and other venues to enable the community to gather together in worship. We Honor and welcome any and all traditions who wish to use the space and join with others in the name of Hecate.

About Our Directors:


C. Laurie Bizzarro aka Lady Thalestris is a Daughter of Hecate and the High Priestess of “Enchanted Crossroads Coven and Grove.” She began practicing Wicca in 2003. She trained with “Wiccans of the Crossroads,” and was initiated in the Crossroads tradition (Witches/Wiccans of the Crossroads) as a Third Degree High Priestess and Daughter of Hecate on May 30, 2009. She was High Priestess of “Wiccans of the Crossroads” from 2007 until she formed “Enchanted Crossroads Coven and Grove” in 2012. She has organized and lead rituals at various festivals and in the Tri-State area, including organizing and leading the current Open Monthly Hecate Rituals held at Catland in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She has lectured at the college level on the subject of Wicca and Paganism and has organized a lecture series for the same. She is the proprietor of “The Law Office of C. Laurie Bizzarro, P.C.” representing Plaintiffs in personal injury, construction accidents and Employment Discrimination cases.


Gary Suto grew up with Hungarian/Gypsy Grandparents and was surrounded with Astrology, Palmistry, Cardomancy and Numerology. He would not consider himself a Hereditary Witch, but very close to it. He has been practicing divination for 35 years, and his skills include Tarot, Iching, Numerology, Runes and Palmistry. He is a High Priest of Temenos Ophiuchus, a grove of the Minoan Brotherhood; High Priest in NY Coven of Witches, a coven of the Wica Tradition, initiated by Lady Rhea; Founder of NY Gay Men's Open Pagan Circle; Co-creator of NY LGBT Open Pagan Circle; Co-founder of Prometheus Rising, Queer Men's Pagan Festival; Past Instructor at the Pagan Center of NY, Psychic Reader and life coach at Magickal Realms and Catland Bookstore; He has given workshops and led rituals at various festivals and NYC locations. Hecate came to him at one of these festivals approximately 13 years ago and has been one of his main Deities ever since. On a mundane level he is a fashion designer and graphic designer. He is putting those skills to use in creating Pagan Clothing and Jewelry as well as a Tarot deck that will incorporate the Iching.


From his early childhood JSterling had a connection to the plants and animals who inhabited the woods surrounding his parent’s farm in central Ohio. He was raised in an agnostic home with no formal spiritual guidance which allowed him to explore his own spiritual path as a young adult.

As an out gay youth he worked against homophobia and charted his way through hostile environments and helped other gay youth through violence, ignorance and hate.

JSterling is a High Priest of the Minoan Fellowship Tradition and is priest of the Minoan Brotherhood. He is a green witch and has used his knowledge of plants, aromatherapy and herbology both in his magickal and mundane life. He strives to provide a venue for the LGBT pagan community to become empowered and to reclaim their place as healers, shamans and guides of the dead. Throughout all his training both formal and informal the constant has been the connection to his patron Goddess, Hekate. For within himself She shines through. From the wisdom of the darkness She shine light. And from the potential locked within us all she provides the key of fullness.


‎Mario Pabón Andraca (https://www.facebook.com/mario.a.pabon?hc_location=timeline) has been a practicing pagan for over fifteen years. After being a solitary practitioner for a few years, Mario joined a Wiccan coven of the Gardnerian tradition called Polyhymnia Coven in New York City. He is now a Third Degree High Priest in this Coven.

In 2012, after his first encounter with Hekate, Mario joined Arn Draiocht Fein (ADF), and successfully completed their Dedicants' program. Currently he is pursuing ADF's Clergy Training. Currently he holds the position of Scribe in the New York City Grove "Inis Ull".

Mario has also recently joined both the Sorita D'Este's Covenant of Hekate, and Hellenion, a Greek Reconstructionis religious organization. Mario discovered Hekate in the Between the Worlds festival where she came to him and guided him to where he is today. His path is mostly Hellenic in private practice, while still teaching Wicca and leading a coven. Most recently he has been given the responsibility to lead and officiate the central Hekate rituals in the very same festival where she first came to him.


Matthew Sawicki is a Traditional Witch and lifelong devotee of Hecate. He hails from the mountains of North Eastern Pennsylvania and learned much of his craft and magick from his upbringing there. Matthew has been initiated into three separate traditions of the craft, most notably The New York Wica Tradition where he is a 3rd Degree High Priest, The Minoan Brotherhood and the non-wiccan tradition of The Clan of Tubal Cain out of the UK, which remains his main focus and current tradition. Matthew has been a Priest of Hecate whose public rites have led people to her for over 10 years. Matthew is known for his "Rites of Crossroads" rituals at the Between the Worlds Men's Gathering in Ohio that has brought more than 80 men together in her worship. Matthew lives in New York City and looks forward to continuing his work as a priest of Hecate to those who seek her.


Anna Lewis, a NYC native Witch and Pagan is thrilled to be a part of the magick bringing The Temple of Hecate to light. She is a longtime friend of Lady Rhea, Magickal Realms and the NY Coven of Witches as well as Horn and Cauldron of Rhode Island. She currently lives in Rhode Island where she turns the wheel of the year with her young family, worships Yemaya in the sea by day and Hecate at the crossroads by night. She is grateful to the goddess for her many blessings and for the opportunity to aid others in their devotion.

Please join our meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/The-Temple-of-Hecate-Inc/ and facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/333721350124288/ (The Temple of Hecate, Inc.) for events and further information on the temple and our Directors. (website to follow-stay tuned!).

Bright Blessings to All! Hail Hecate!!!

Past events (25)

Open Monthly Hecate Ritual-Bayridge, Brooklyn

The Law Office of C. Laurie Bizzarro, P.C.

Night of Hecate (Hekatesia)

Magickal Realms

Open Monthly Hecate Ritual-Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

The Law Office of C. Laurie Bizzarro, P.C.

Open Monthly Hecate Ritual-Bayridge, Brooklyn

The Law Office of C. Laurie Bizzarro, P.C.


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