What we're about

* I apologize for the lack of Japanese description. I’m working on that.

This group is for people interested in photography, meet new people and go for a walk exploring Tokyo and other areas.

Photowalk is the perfect event to meet new people. Even if you’re shy or have any anxiety of showing up to an event full of strangers. You can go around taking pictures until you find someone to talk to. As an event organizer/host I welcome anyone to come and talk to me.

The most important rule in this group is to be nice to everyone.

Here are some ground rules.
Note: I’m writing these rules just in case. We never know if someone with really bad manners will join. Any troublemaker will be keep from joining any future event. These rules have nothing to do with the people who participated in my first and only event. I couldn’t have ask for a better group of people. You guys were amazing.

Group rules:

- Try to be nice to everyone.
- If possible try to talk to as many people as you can. I can organize ice breaking games if I see necessary.
- Be careful with your belongings. Always keep your wallet, purse, documents or anything of valor close. Don’t drop your camera! I want everyone to leave the event happy.
- Don’t get run over! Watch for vehicles or bicycle riders, especially when you’re taking pictures.
- No littering. Keep the city clean! What one person does affects the image of the entire group.
- Act and behave accordingly to the location we’re in. In some places we might have to keep our voices down, like in a community center classroom for example. Also acting like a loud drunk person in a coffee shop isn’t cool. We can do that in pubs, bars and nightclubs.
- Avoid talking about things that can lead to heated conversations, like political or religious matters.
- Avoid talking about negative things. Let’s keep a positive and light environment for everyone to enjoy.
- Avoid causing trouble not just with other members or event attendees, but also with everyone else. If a business owner or employee tell us to stop taking pictures, we’ll stop and go someplace else.
- Also if anyone gets annoyed with having their picture taken, we’ll stop and even delete the photos if it comes to that. This however is a very unlike scenario.
- No recruiting. Be careful with scammers and pyramid schemes. I’m not a big fan of MLM myself.
- Meeting people in public places is the best way to make new connections and have fun. I strongly advise against going to people homes and ride in their cars if you barely know them.
- Report or simply avoid people who are behaving badly. Don’t reward bad behavior.


Email: eigoisesaki@gmail.com
Group’s Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/Tokyo-Street-Photography-and-Networking-590711811292294/?ref=bookmarks

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