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This meetup is dedicated to equipping people with Biblical monetary principles often overlooked when discussing topics such as Financial Stewardship and Financial Freedom. I have found that believers only go as far as understanding some of the basic financial stewardship criterion such as: remaining as debt free as possible; tithing always to your local Church; and refraining from the love of money, these often taught through our current Churches, the media (WDCX;podcasts; TV programs) and through some Christian financial planners.
I am pleased to say this groups focus goes further, our aim is on answering what is believed to be a fundamental question for many : WHAT IS MONEY IN THE EYES OF GOD? ... and then responding with an action.
Let's be very clear, the Bible never references paper as money, and further, a debt based currency (system) would never be regarded as money in the Bible - and the Word of God never changes right?
The Bible says: "False weights and measures is an Abomination to the Lord, but a Just weight is His delight." Pr 11:1~~
This Scripture above answers without a doubt why this current banking system is failing and why all fiat currencies have gone to ZERO, including the Loonie and "almighty" US Dollar very soon.
With the Shemitah Cycle ending and the Jubilee Cycle underway, MAJOR global banking and financial crashes & changes are rapidly taking place. 'Googling' this topic isn't rocket science either...

Therefore we, the FOLLOWERS OF THE WAY, need to be LEADING THE WAY armed with the very tools & principles mentioned above that will position us: the Church, and our family's legacy, to stand the test of time. We have been called to protect and grow what we have been blessed to manage.

So pray about it, and let's join the charge together as ONE for good!

Shalom in Yeshua

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