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Personalization is hot, hot, hot -- and content strategy has a huge role to play in successful personalization experiences. Hear from Anne Booth, who will explain how to improve customer engagement with content personalization. (Note: We may add a second guest speaker -- stay tuned!) **Improving Customer Engagement With Content Personalization** Personalization makes everyone feel like an individual. It’s about serving the right content to the right person on the right platform at the right time. The more personalized your content is, the more customer engagement we see. But, how do you know what content to personalize and what the right message is for your customer? In my talk, I will discuss why it's important to make data-informed decisions around content and how personalization can be used to increase customer engagement on any platform. **Bio** Anne is a Content Manager at TELUS Digital, where Anne A/B tests content to determine the right message for the right customer. With a background in content writing and journalism, she aims to deliver engaging, personalized content that drives a seamless customer experience. Anne's passionate about A/B testing, content strategy, personalization, and listening to the voice of the customer. Her approach to content strategy is to measure customer engagement down to the last call to action and create best practices from her learnings. When she's not A/B testing content, she's binge-watching her favourite Netflix shows, indoor bouldering, and eating Nutella from the jar.

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