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What we're about

Who Should Join:

People who want to refine their understanding of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

Hypothetical Meeting Structure:

I will propose debate topics that might be interesting to explore based on the preferences of the members.


This group is designed to bring people together, not deepen existing divides. Self-righteousness and smugness are not welcome. This group is designed to cater to humble people who are interested in improving themselves. It is not designed to convert people to a specific point of view (like r/changemyview on Reddit). Any view changes that occur will be the byproduct of humble and charitable exchange. One of our goals is to improve our efficiency in identifying "points of departure" in others' arguments (aka getting to the bottom of it).

More Context:

We will explore the fundamental principles of grammar, logic, and rhetoric (logical fallacies, etc.). Specifically, the group is designed to (a) re-assess definitions of words where necessary, (b) craft tight logical arguments, and (c) refine the presentation of said arguments. In the process, ideas will be tested and we will revive and modernize an intellectually honest mode of discourse. With luck, we can build an uncommon community where ideas of all kinds may be shared and discussed. The culmination of our efforts will be bi-monthly "debates" (casual format) where the brave will make steel-man arguments for views they do not personally support. The skills we develop and refine here will enhance our effectiveness in all areas of our lives outside of this group.

A Note on the Organizer:

There is no "instructor" here. I am merely a fellow explorer on his own intellectual path. During our meetings I will guide the structure of the meeting, but that is purely administrative. I will gladly share what I know, but I also hope to gain much wisdom from other group members. In my limited experience, I learn more the less I speak!

Thank you and hope to see you soon,

Cole Bosson

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