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Welcome Daters, There are a number of websites and singles' activities/groups already out there. With most of these, you sign-up, get exposed to other singles, and then are expected to figure things out on your own – the equivalent of being dropped in an unfamiliar place with no compass and being told to find your way home. I know so many people who are serious about dating and looking for the "one". Very few are interested in playing the “games”, but the games always seem to work their way into the picture. Here are Some “What the _ _ _ _!!!” (insert favorite four letter word) Scenarios: Exchange emails back and forth for three weeks… is he (or she) on this dating website to find e-penpals or to go on a date? What the _ _ _ _!!! Finally, you both set up a date. The day before, he (or she) cancels and picks a new day for next week. Next week, same thing happens. What the _ _ _!!! You go on the first date – everything seemed to have gone great! You send a quick note “Had a great time- maybe we can get together again soon”. One problem- you never hear back. What the _ _ _ _!!! Any of these scenarios sound familiar? So, how do we simplify this process and cut out the games? What are ladies and/or guys really looking for? Dating shouldn't have to be a chess match within your own mind. To start, I’d like to set up some meet-ups (aka “dating forums"). The goal: to share the truth and to learn the truth from the source. These events will be held at local establishments and discuss the “dating game”. How do we get to the truth, you wonder? We ask one another - let’s get the female and male perspectives (and some drinks, of course) in one room and see what happens. While this should prove to be wildly entertaining and fun, I’ll bet there’s a wealth of information to be learned from each other! Think of this knowledge as your compass to navigate through the dating scene! Look forward to seeing everybody! Matt

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