What we're about

The group is dedicated to waking every human being up from this hypnotised state through a psychological revolution, bringing order both on the inside and outside. Unless what we see, what we hear, what we think, what we say, what we feel and what we do is One, there is disorder. We need to realise who we are, what the truth of our nature is as a human being, guardian of this world. What our spiritual identity is as the most complete and wise beings on this planet. What are our abilities, capabilities, capacities and qualities are the most beautiful, capable and creative manifestation. We want to spread the profoundness of the present moment in which all time exists, end the illusion of psychological time and spread the Truth which is One.

Lets step into the unknown.

Lets go on a journey within and discover our true self, our illusory self, the limitations of the mind that is unaware of the vast ocean beneath it, the beauty of life and brevity of time. Lets join forces together and end this this internal suffering we all go through, the chaos we have created on this beautiful planet, the constant search for security we crave and learn to live in the present moment, by embracing uncertainty and stepping into the side of life that is full of mystery, adventure and zest.

My Mentor with profound wisdom.

I have a mentor who has Universal Wisdom. He has dedicated 40 years of his life to research into both the Truth and Material Reality for over 40 years. His wisdom is truly profound and his discoveries can change the world and end this suffering both internal and external, starting by changing ourselves, through understanding who we are, by going on a journey within, by asking questions, observing our reality and utilising our curiosity and wonder, two of the most beautiful qualities we all have.

Join this group if you are curious and have always known you have something bigger inside of you that wants to come out, that is full of potential, that has energy and enthusiasm for life and yearns for adventure, being held back by fear, which stems from the illusory self. Come go on a journey to understand your inner self, your divinity, your infinite potential as the most complete manifestation on this planet.

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