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Tucson, AZ

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Aug 26, 2014


Born in Los Angeles 1/4/1958, BA in Philosophy 1981, Juris Doctorate 1986. Consumer Bankruptcy, Mortgage Modification and General Practice Attorney.

Why are you interested in this group?

Have been working on a philosophy for living since college. Majored (B.A.) in philosophy and studied law (J.D.) Both are reasoned and analytical. Have studied spirituality and religion. My search for a viable personal philosophy is quite literal.

Name your favorite philosopher, branch of philosophy, or period in the history of philosophy..

Socrates and Plato because of the concept of perfect ideals; Universal Oneness of all persons and things as and in God as unlimited, eternal, free, love and joy. Quest for enlightenment and evolution without renouncing the ordinary world, but rather appreciating and grateful for it, viewing from a trans-life perspective.