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"UX Design and Scrum Success in 2 hours" - Make the shift to an integrated approach with UX Burner.

Let's have a drink and talk about up-to-date applied lean UX practices - in general and/or especially focusing our self created framework called the "UX BURNER".


What is the UX Burner?

Do you have limited resources but an urge to build great products? Are you still following the old waterfall approach to design and development? Do you feel a need to integrate design and development in an agile way but unsure how to change your process?

Say hello to ''UX BURNER’'. It’s a framework that gives teams a systematic way to unify UX design and Scrum by provide a holistic perspective to product development. Stop your waterfall-ish product development by doing lengthy upfront design work with a big hand-off to your development teams. UX burner helps product teams to focus time and energy in a right direction with a continuous cycle of experiments that include problem analysis; ideating on concepts; learning and iterating. The best part is you don’t have to separate design from development.

If you want to check out our DIY guide to UX Burner, then check this out -> https://bit.ly/2Pb6IBN

Upcoming conferences/Workshops:

Short workshop at UIG conference -> https://bit.ly/2SwHqDX

Full day workshop at Graz -> https://bit.ly/2DF2T4k


We are looking forward to meet you soon!

Cheers :-)

Gowtham & Thomas

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