UX Crunch Manchester: Design Ethics


Join us for the final UX Crunch of the year... the UXmas Crunch!

Design has a huge influence on how people behave and live their lives. By understanding a human's psychological behaviours, responses and triggers, can the presentation of information be designed in a way to persuade and manipulate someone to respond in a certain manner?

What are the ethical considerations when designing information, content and products?

Join us as we sit down for another fantastic evening of theoretical insight, case studies, networking and more!


Haydyn Phillips - UX Lead - AstraZeneca

Chris Thelwell - Design Director - EY-Seren

Paul Wilshaw - Head of UX and UI - Blue Prism



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Keep It Usable is a multi award-winning user experience design and research agency who craft experiences, service design and innovation based on psychology, science and behavioural insights. KeepItUsable specialises in the research, design, creation and evaluation of user experiences with the purpose of making them more profitable for businesses and more satisfying for users to interact with.



Chris Thelwell - Design Director - EY-Seren

Chris has been a digital product designer working globally for many years. Juggling award-winning F1 projects, cool Google Chrome apps, with consulting for some of the biggest companies in the world and the occasional European football championship. An outcome focused design leader, Chris specialises in disrupting markets, creating innovative new digital products and building high-performing design teams in Agile software delivery environments within large enterprises, startups and agencies.

In his talk entitled 'Fake names’ Chris will talk about his experience designing the sign up process for one of the busiest websites in the world. He’ll share what he learned about one of the biggest assumptions UX designers make every day, how it strips people of their identities and why it’s about time we did something about it.

Paul Wilshaw - Head of UX and UI - Blue Prism

Paul is an award winning creative technical designer, passionate about UX, UI, Interaction design, technology and renowned for exceeding expectations when bringing ideas to life.

Winner of three Hackathons including Microsoft Digital Foundry Hackathon, Google Payments Hackathon and Facebook Hackathon, he is the Hackathon judge and mentor at Hack Manchester, and guest speaker on “Why would I use that” at App Camp, Lithuania.

Haydyn Phillips - UX Lead - AstraZeneca

Haydyn is UX Lead @ AstraZeneca, one of the world's largest Pharma companies. He leads a small but mighty team of researchers and designers working on BioTech projects to make the lives of patients better, help healthcare providers deliver better outcomes and enable scientists to work more efficiently.

He has a background in applied HCI & Qual research in UX and has worked for some well-known brands including Accor Hotels, Sage & TalkTalk where he's lead enterprise-level interaction design and research projects from cloud computing through to VoIP.

Qualitative research makes up a large part of how we uncover insight and drive product outcomes. But how we approach this research as UX professionals in regards to rigour and ethics can and does have a fundamental impact on what we learn and therefore design. In this practical talk, we'll break down complex areas surrounding ethics, bias and rigour and show how you can apply them every day in your role. Your data will thank you for it.