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This is a semi-moderated meetup page allowing folks an opportunity to seek out/connect with others interested in gaming in and around Miami. If you're actively looking for a group, or maybe part of a group seeking an additional member, feel free to use this space to do so!

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In a continuing effort to explore ways to provide opportunities for roleplaying games across Miami (particularly during this covid times), here's an experiment in the form of a good ol' fashion Google Doc. On the first page, everyone can list their info and on the second page DMs can list their info specifically. From that, we could see if it's possible to connect folks through whatever mode of play works for them.


The doc is pretty simple and has room for improvement, but it's a start. While it's more "D&D" focused, it's more about connections, so if you have a different game you want to play, nothing is stopping you! If folks are comfortable, we could maybe add an email contact or some such, but as it's relatively open to the internet at large, I understand if we'd need to find another way.

As with all things on this page, if it is useful and takes off, wonderful. If not, may those looking back on this in the "History of the Internet", at least we tried. ^ ^

I've found discussion boards on Meetup aren't super useful, so feel free to use this event for discussion!

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CBCT Presents: Improvised D&D!

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