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This is a semi-moderated meetup page allowing folks an opportunity to seek out/connect with others interested in gaming in and around Miami. If you're actively looking for a group, or maybe part of a group seeking an additional member, feel free to use this space to do so!

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Crash Course for Players

South Miami Branch Library

Ever been curious about playing a table top roleplaying game? Or maybe you're a DM/GM/Keeper who's looking for ideas to support your players. Maybe you're already an experienced player looking to strengthen your skill set? Heck, want to just meet some other interested gamers in our community? In any of those cases, this is a workshop for you (and it's super free, to boot)! We'll be going over the basics of table top roleplaying games from a Player perspective: what RPGs are, and why we play them. While we're keeping the session game system agnostic, we'll move on to discussing how to develop engaging (and hopefully functional) characters; how to maximize collaboration; out of the box thinking during encounters; and how to avoid the daunting number of rules you feel are holding you back. Throughout the workshop, you will have the opportunity to play elements of a session, and plenty of chances for questions and discussion! This is our second session in the Crash Course series. You don't need to have attended the first to come to this one, and if you came to the first, we'll be discussing plenty of different elements that could benefit you and your group! Please come with the same tools we'd expect of any gaming session - an open mind, a collaborative spirit, and a willingness for things to get weird!

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Crash Course for Dungeon Masters

South Miami Branch Library

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