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The Chapters of this book are nothing but mirrors for seeing your “self” from different angles. And though the journey we are about to embark on is an inner one, it will draw upon every aspect of your life. The only requirement asked if you is the willingness to honestly look at yourself in the most natural, intuitive manner. Remember if we are seeking the root of “self” what we are actually seeking is you.

As you read through this books pages, you will find that you know much more than you thought you did about some very deep subjects. You already know how to find yourself; you have just gotten distracted and disoriented.

- Michael A Singer

I love this book! I have read it twice and it has changed my life and my relationship with my husband, friends, family and strangers. I’d love to meet all of you wowmen who are looking to do the same and share the experience, strength and hope with one another to grow one day at a time! Xo Jesyka

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