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Upcycle a Piano...?
We've been given a square piano, by a lovely lady named Val. The piano has sadly seen better days... It's been a little neglected over the years and was destined for the dump if we hadn't taken it in. Val was struggling to find a home for it. I think this is an early Victorian rosewood square piano. It has a hinged top that opens to reveal pierced foliate fretwork and it has lovely turned faceted legs with brass toes and castors. It would make a great upcycling project :) I'd love to turn this into a display cabinet or bookcase... this will be an experimental and creative project as I've not attempted anything like this before. Would you like to get involved? We would work on this over a series of weeks to come up with a design, clean up the piano and strip out what's not needed before turning it into an upcycled masterpiece! We'll then sell our masterpiece and use the profits for a social / community project :) All are welcome to join in regardless of skill level.

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    What is Upcycling?

    Essentially upcycling is a form of recycling. Recycling, is a process by which waste materials are changed to create new products to prevent the waste of potentially useful materials. This process enables us to reduce our consumption of new materials and our need for conventional waste disposal, such as landfill and incineration.

    When things are recycled they are either:

    downcycled and the items produced from waste materials are of a lower value and quality than the original item or material. Examples of this include paper and plastic as when they are recycled they are turned into a lower grade paper or plastic.


    upcycled and the items produced from waste materials are of a higher value and quality than the original item or material. Unlike recycled products, upcycled pieces retain and sometimes even enhance the look and feel of the original discarded materials. Examples of this include using skateboards to make chairs, a step ladder turned into shelving or using bike chains to make chandeliers.

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