What we're about

Do you look wistfully upon the irradiated, water-starved landscape of post-apocalyptic Utah?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about hanging out with other raiders?

Would you find time in your schedule to create vehicles, prop weapons, costumes, and then go on raids and hunts and off-road races, camping trips and scavenger hunts at the junkyard?


**NOTICE** This group is "new" as of 2019, however we've already done a few events together as seen in the photos of the group.

I'll be putting up a website with more details very soon, as well as a Facebook page. I'll answer some FAQ but the gist is, go out in the desert and be post-apocalyptic heathens.

Any questions, feel free to shoot me a message here.

Our affiliated Facebook group is called 'Wasteworld' and if you're a Fallout fan, you can also search for 'Vault 70.' Upcoming events will both be posted there.

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Return to Green River Nuclear Launch Pad

Green River

Summer post-apocalyptic themed camping trip! Kick back, relax and get your radiation burn on. The location is amazing; wasteland everywhere, big open skies, lots of offroading area and the abandoned missile complex worthy of exploration. You never know what you'll find in the wastes...... This is gonna rock! ((Please join the event on Facebook to discuss, see updates, get tips, and meet your fellow scavengers. More details coming, date is tentative.)) --"themed" dress is encouraged. If you need tips, reach out. We've got the experts. --Themed vehicles are always fun, but if you have ATVs or dirt bikes you want to bring, do it! Lots of spots to venture into the waste. --This is primitive camping. It's the apocalypse, dudes. Bring food and drink and all your cool equipment. --Kids and pets are welcome with muzzle and vaccinations and potty pads! --Photography will be AMAZING in this location. Photographers are encouraged!

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Pre Fan-X Build Night

Needs a location

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