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What we’re about

This is the place where B movies are made and where your movie making dreams can come true. Do you love to write or shoot or act or sing or dance or capture sound or do make up or do hair or create costumes or make music or be a part of creating something from nothing? If you said yes to any of these things then the B Movie Factory family would love to have you. The movies are definitely B movies but the fun is making the movie. Our motto is "If you are not having fun, don't do it". Oh ya, we do have fun. A little to much some times. As you can see from our videos.

There is a lot of hard costs that go into organizing this group. The $ that is asked for at some of the meetings is just a drop in the bucket to help keep this going. We have a hole lot of free meetings that are great but the ones that have a small fee are important and shows you are committed to make this work.

Please click on the link below and donate to help us continue to make dreams come true and provide a lot of movies for years to come.