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It has come to my attention that people would like to help create our next fundraising pitch film. I would like this to be as much fun as possible. So, lets have a Pitch Party. It's a pot luck and BYOB type of get together. Lets have fun and reminisce about the films we have made. When I did the last pitch film, I honestly didn't think anyone would be interested in helping because it was not for fun. Yes, in the end the money raised would help to continue what we are doing and give us more opportunities. But the time to make this film would take away form the time we have to make a fun film. All I ever wanted is to give you all a chance to live a dream and to have fun doing it. When I started my career, there was nothing like this around. Today, there has been others who have tried to do what we have done but none have lasted as long as us. We have over 80 short films under our belt. We have a TV series that is a real TV series. We have 390 members, all with dreams. We keep going because you keep showing up. You are why we've done so much. You all should be proud of that! I get you want to help. We can meetup, have fun and I will do some interviews for the fundraising pitch film. Let's show others what The Vancouver B Movie Factory has meant to you and others like you, Movie Making Dreamers. If you can't come to the party but still want to help, you can film yourself. All you have to do is to answer the question, What has The Vancouver B Movie Factory meant to you? Then send me the film and I will try to add it to the Pitch Film.

The last fundraising pitch film is running now on Storyhive. If we get enough votes, we could win a budget of $10,000 to create 10 short films over the next year and they will be aired on the Telus Network. That would go a long way to keep this group alive and all you have to do is vote. Follow this link ( ) Sign up, (it's free) Find our group and Vote.

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