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Post your event or callout for possible music partners. Meet other local Musicians to talk about gigs, gear, and techniques and the music business, and network with and support each other. Share experiences regarding creating, composing, playing, and performing music, and learn from experts about these and other elements of music and the changing music business!

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mediocre band
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so i'm a mediocre guitar player who is still learning... anybody want to start a band? i like the cure, the jesus & mary chain, radiohead, and shoegaze.

The Railway Club (Open Mic Saturdays)
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The Railway Club

Every Saturday - Railway Roots Jam with alternating hosts each and every Saturday from 4:30 - 8 PM

Yale Weekend Blues Jams
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The Yale Hotel

no cover (3~7pm)

Hard n' Heavy Casual Jams at Rockspace
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Just joined this meetup group and was hoping to attend an existing meetup but there doesn't seem to be one that suits my tastes or schedule so I figured this was the way to go... I primarily play guitar (rhythm and some leads) but also enjoy tackling vocal duties from time to time and would happily swap back n' forth to the bass with another guitarist if need be. I'm 45 years old so am pretty eclectic in my influences and tastes even but classic to heavy rock and metal would probably cover most of it. I'm not a big fan of metal with indiscernible vocals and nothing but blast beats but appreciate the guitar work involved. I'm not a brilliant lead shredder but do enjoy soloing when the time is right and sharing/harmonizing solos with other guitarists is often fun and challenging. I'd like to chat with others here and come up with a short working set list just so all can come prepared to crank something out at a first jam. Maybe something where each person suggests a couple covers so people can familiarize themselves with the songs, progressions, changes etc then see how things go in person. Chances are, I'd go for something by Neil Young, ACDC, Priest/Maiden/Sabbath or Scorpions to start off with. What about you? I work Sunday to Thursday so would like to set something up for Thursday or Friday nights or Friday or Saturday afternoons. I'm in Vancouver and figured many others are as well so was thinking that splitting the cost at Rockspace would work best but I'm open to traveling elsewhere if an intriguing situation were to evolve from this thread or some initial jamming. I'm a non-drinker so would prefer a group that doesn't involve players getting totally loaded before or during jams but am comfortable around others indulging responsibly (sorry, just too many bad experiences with musicians who couldn't handle their substances of choice lol). I should probably be including more details but that's all I can think of for now. Looking forward to hearing from others in the comments. Cheers!

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Intimate & Fun Violin/Piano House Concert with Wine (Surrey)

Private home in South Surrey (in the Ocean Park neighborhood)

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