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Do you want to expand your creativity? Do you enjoy writing? Do you want to reconnect with your inner artist more deeply or maybe break through any creative 'blocks'? We will be utilizing Julia Cameron's experiential book: 'The Vein of Gold-A Journey to your Creative Heart' as a guide to do just that. We will read, work through the text, and complete the exercises, tools and tasks from the book on a bi-weekly basis.

About the book: "Julia Cameron again draws from her extensive artistic and teaching experience to steer readers toward ever widening creative horizons. This extraordinary book of learning through doing features inspiring teachings on the creative process and more than one hundred imaginative, involving, and energizing tasks. Each task engages readers in "inner play," leading to authentic growth, renewal, and healing. "

*If you are familiar with the Artists Way, this utilizes many of the same tools, but goes a bit deeper.

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