Limited Edition Mega Monster to top 6 Players at the end of the 6 week League!

Limited Edition Mega Monster to 1st Player that accomplishes 3 Random Achievements chosen each week!

Open Constructed:

Players bring a force built using the standard force building rules. Figures from any set may be used.

Standard Format:

One monster pair (Alpha & Hyper Forms), 2-12 Buildings (no more than 5 Buildings with the same name) & 4-5 Units (no more than 5 Elite Units overall, no more than 5 Grunt Units with the same name).

Players roll off for first turn.

Player that loses the roll, chooses the map.

Two Games will be played each week for six weeks. Players will get 2 Points for a win and 1 Point for a loss. At the end of the League the top six players will pick from a pool of six Mega Monsters!

Each week we will roll for 3 Achievements. The first player to accomplish all 3 Achievements will win a Mega Monster Figure that night. If a single player does not accomplish all 3 Achievements during the two games a random winner will be determined for the night.

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