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Tales of the 13th Age - The Folding of Screamhaunt Castle

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Session 2 - And the Storm Worsens...

The characters have all decided to seek shelter from the storm in the spooky looking cliff-top castle. It is obvious from the outside that a party is going on inside. But just what is everyone celebrating? Could it be the arrival of unwary strangers?

This is an adventure for ONE-SHOT 3rd Level characters. This is a VERY deadly adventure and characters could meet their untimely demise VERY quickly! Up to six players can participate. Pregenerated characters will be available, but you’ll customize them before play!

**NOTE** This is a special two-week seasonal adventure that will contain many strong horror elements. This adventure may not be suitable for those under 13 or who do not generally like the horror genre.

13th Age is the new fantasy roleplaying game from legendary RPG designers Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo - a Next Generation d20-rolling fantasy game of battle, treasure, group storytelling and heroic adventure!

13th Age: Forge heroes. Shape the World. Be Legendary.