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D&D Encounters: Crystal Shard Launch Weekend Event!

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Legacy of the Crystal Shard is an adventure for character levels 1-3 set in the fan favorite Icewind Dale region of the Forgotten Realms.Players must face an evil that was once defeated but has risen again to threaten the Ten Towns. The adventure is authored by popular writers and designers R.A. Salvatore, James Wyatt, and Jeff Ludwig.

Evil Stirs in Icewind Dale

The people of Icewind Dale are hardy and have long stood against the perils of the North. The events that shook the region a hundred years ago are now a distant memory. But what was defeated was not destroyed. Now, as forces converge on Ten Towns, the people of the North face their greatest trial yet. To overcome these threats, adventurers must once again rise to challenge evil.

The 2nd adventure of the Sundering, shaping the future of the Realms!The Sundering is a major story event impacting the Forgotten Realms and Legacy of the Crystal Shard puts players directly into the fray. Fans of D&D can not only take part in the events of the Sundering by playing adventures, but the actions that they take can permanently change the course of history and help shape the Realms forever. This D&D Launch Event is designed to kick off the November 2013-February 2014 Season of D&D Encounters!

Players have the choice of playing 4th Edition or DnD Next! Please bring characters appropriate for the format you want to play!


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