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1E/2E AD&D: Greyhawk Campaign

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Our party of new 1st level heroes say goodbye to the caravan and start fresh on their first adventure. They head out into the woods in middle Greyhawk looking for the hidden fortress called Quasqueton. After hours of trekking through the forest, the party begins to utilize its skills and between the keen eyesight of the elves, and the direction sense of the mage (Tom) they locate what appears to be a path up the nearest mountainside.

Scaling the mountain is made easy by a 20' ft ladder and good use of rope skills and party unity. They make it up past several rock outcroppings and make it to the highest point. They see a well-carved cave opening. Then the monk (Julian) hears sounds of snoring. He advises everyone to wait as he silently moves into the cave for a closer look. He sneaks up on a sleeping Ogre. Thinking of the quick kill the monk hits the lying giant. Only doing minor damage, the monk wins initiative and runs out of the cave back towards the party.

Awake, the Ogre chases the much smaller monk and melee begins with the party as they wait at the entrance. After several rounds of melee, our heroes bring down their first kill.

Entering the cave, they pass through a doorway, past several alcoves, and up some stairs. As they look over the remains of another party, they locate small amounts of coins, and miscellaneous treasure. Then, they are attacked from the right flank by a group of Kobolds. As this battle continues for several rounds, our party is losing hit points but win the day!

Then the monk looks around the corner to see what lay down the eastern hallway. Out of the darkness come two Troglodytes, and they are headed right for the party. Quickly the monk tosses a spear, and missing they charge. as they turn the corner melee begins again. back and forth blows are thrown and damage is done to both sides. excited by combat, the Trogs emit a strength draining stank as a special defensive ability. Eventually the Trogs are eliminated.

Now the party has several members injured. Healing is scarce as only one healer is within the party. With only two healing spells per day, the cleric (Steven) recommends the injured to move to the rear of the party and new members take point. The party is divided by this as unity, and teamwork take on a new appearance. As each players tries to understand the new dynamics within the group, tensions grow and confusion sets in. After debate ends, the party sleeps the night safely within the hallway just outside the entrance doorway.

As they wake, healing takes hold from the barbarian's skills (Chris) and the cleric's magic. Our heroes venture back into the stronghold and explore several rooms. They locate several secret doors, interesting rooms, and meet very little resistance. It appears that the rumors of this place are true. The inhabitants have left and possibly died in the great war.

Our heroes move deeper into the stronghold as adventuring is a delicacy not served cold. However, what will happen next is to be seen. Our party is comprised of different characters played by different members this time. They are all 1st level, and therefore hit points are even more precious. magic is used and gone quickly, and doing things the "old way" have so far proven foolish. Kicking in doors is an invitation for unfortunate events. Smashing things will prove both fool-hearty and detrimental to the parties survival. can this party play cautiously, yet calculating? Will they follow a leader or make random decisions that create risk for all? Wisdom is something gained from experience, and although these characters have no experience, the players do. Will they use that experience to enjoy the game and rebuild even stronger characters than they had before?

New rules: 1. Just as the party gains experience from finding magic items and killing monsters. They will lose experience for foolishness and the reckless destruction of items and good. 2. If your character dies from a foolish and unnecessary action, you will not restart a new character until the following week. Careless play and reckless behavior affects everyone, and creating a new character takes time away from others. Play smart. Stay alert. Rotate your party to keep the wounded alive.

This is where we will begin. See you all next Thursday!