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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG

Four months following the battle of Endor, the galaxy is not in better shape without the Emperor. It is in far worse shape. With the power vacuum that the death of the Emperor left, the galaxy is in a frenzy to try and fill the void.

With the failure of the Republic only a couple of decades past, people still strongly remember the collaps and wonder if such a government should even be reestablished. Many factions now fight over the galaxy trying to claim the spot of leader of the galaxy, while many others simply struggle to survive the chaos.

Our heroes are an intrepid band of smugglers looking to profit from the troubles of the galaxy or look to help the poor unfortunate folks suffering from it. Either way they rely on their wit and skill to outdo their opposition and complete their goals and survive the turmoil that has engulfed the galaxy.....

This game has room for 2 - 3 players to squeeze in. Show up a half hour early to gain entry.