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Tales of the 13th Age: Domain of the Dwarf King

Price: $5.00 /per person
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Tales of the 13th Age: Domain of the Dwarf King

Session 1 - Into the Fire

The adventurers find themselves caught in the Dwarven stronghold of Ironvale when it is suddenly besieged by orcs. A beleaguered guard captain turns to the party for help, but will this mission of mercy coincide with the adventurers saving their own hides?

And what unexpected horrors live in the Domain of the Dwarf King?

This is an adventure for new 4th Level characters, and those who have previously played in the Shadowport Shuffle chapter of Tales of the 13th Age. Up to six players can participate.

13th Age is the new fantasy roleplaying game from legendary RPG designers Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo - a Next Generation d20-rolling fantasy game of battle, treasure, group storytelling and heroic adventure!

13th Age: Forge heroes. Shape the World. Be Legendary.