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Monday Night Pathfinder RPG at The Wandering Dragon!

The Lonesome Isles

Out in the great ocean is a dead zone, the Bermuda Triangle of Golorion. In this dead zone there exists the infamous Lonesome Isles, so named because they are completely cut off from the rest of the world. Ships and the like go in, and they never come out. The existence of the Isles themselves is only confirmed by the gods as they have sent numerous religious vassels into this dead zone to “Purge the Taint”. The most bizarre part of the request of the gods is that ALL the gods agree that these islands need purging. It is unprecedented that the gods, good and evil, would ever both agree that something needs to be destroyed. As such, many great crusades have been sent to these isles, never to be seen or heard from again.

There are those who have also felt a different calling, not from the gods, but another source. For some, the calling is that of adventure and discovery or simply a place to go escape too. Then there are those who gain visions, many believe there are beautiful maidens who call them in their dreams to these isles. They have often described it as a call for help. They also describe these maidens as having a beauty beyond compare. These maidens have been confirmed real by the one fact that all these people who dream of them have crafted a functioning holy symbol of wood or metal bearing images of the maidens. Every holy symbol collected was perfectly identical to each other even though their creators never before met or even heard of the maidens before crafting them. The most shocking detail is these holy symbols work perfectly as a divine focus.

All kinds of people have heard the call of the maidens, even non religious types, these people flocked to the docks and set sail for the Lonesome isles hoping to gain the favor of these maidens. People often wonder if these maidens are an advanced Siren calling men across great distances to their doom.

Alternatively, there are those who travel to the islands seeking something only known as the god Kraken. People seem to be driven to insanity going on about the god Kraken. These people try many desperate means of getting to the islands. They are even more manic about it than those who wish to see the Maidens.

Whatever the reason, people feel compelled to travel to the Lonesome Isles to uncover their secrets and hopefully lift the veil that traps all who pass within. Or there are those who are simply unfortunate to be on the ship that travels too close. Which are you? Are you the Crusader, Adventurer, Explorer, Scholar, Maiden or god Kraken seeker, or are you simply an unfortunate soul in the wrong place at the wrong time? Whatever the reason, you were on a ship bound for the Lonesome Isles and now, you’ve crossed the veil into a world imprisoned to whatever fate you can mange.


The Lonesome isles is a campaign I have run several times and I have received much positive feedback on the campaign. The campaign focuses on mainly exploring the islands of the Lonesome isles chain. There will be a good amount of ocean travel and many of the islands are big enough for land travel as well. There is a lot to explore, see, and do. There are civilizations on the islands in spite of the fact they are cut off from the rest of the known world. The campaign ends when you manage to escape the isles or resign yourselves to a life on the isles. Either of those two options will end the campaign.

Again, sailing and wilderness exploring will be a common place norm in these lands. Also, looting is a low end deal. I am very strict on the value of items and tend to make most mundane items worthless. This game does use a barter system in many places however, there are places where hard currency works too. So keep that in mind when you consider looting.

A lot of this game is shipwreck and wilderness survival. You will need to be mindful of food and the like. There is also the opportunity for sailing and even pirating as well. There is a large enough populace and economy on these islands where ocean bandits can actually turn a profit.

Another major element of the game is the religious background. Three major religious themes will drive and or interfere with the characters in their adventures whether or not they are even a divine class. The first religious for is the crusades, you will meet or be crusaders on these islands looking to destroy the other two forces that exist here. The other two forces are the Maidens of the islands, depicted as five voluptuous women with angel wings and seductive attire, and the god Kraken, depicted as a very large Kraken.

The Maidens call people to the islands and act as a deity for those with a divine classes. All domains are included. Mostly they are good but one of the five is more towards neutral. They will guide the characters to assist the people of the isles.

The god Kraken is primarily evil and focuses mostly on madness and despair and all relating domains. Not necessarily bent on killing, more over control, confusion, or chaos. There are also depictions that show the god Kraken as a handsome man as well. No one is truly sure as to which form he truly takes. They just know his goal is to spread as much madness and chaos as possible.

The game starts with the party shipwrecked and with no gear. You will have to acquire gear as you go along and start by establishing yourselves and then proceed to explore and or solves the issues of the isles.

It is also important to note that Summoning does not work on the isles and any attempts to summon anything without a catalyst (you need to discover this) will fail, needless to say, no summoner class. Also, teleportation and similar spells are more dangerous than normal and teleport cannot be used to remove you from the isles.

Those are all the basics of the campaign. More details will be given at game start. Character creation will be gone over then as well.

My name is Jake and I am Looking forward to running Pathfinder on Monday Nights!