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1st ed./2nd ed. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons-Greyhawk Campaign

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Our heroes have finally made it to the Keep! After fighting off wolves, bands of brigands, and starvation, they are now safe within the high walls of the Keep. All treasure has been accounted for and/or sold/distributed, and experience has been awarded to our players. Most of the party is currently training within the Keep to acquire their next level skills.

Here is what our party of heroes looks like today:

2nd level Half-Elven Ranger 2nd level Fighter/2nd level Thief female Drow Elf 1st level Mage/1st level Thief Half-Elf 3rd level Drow Elf Cleric 2nd level Half-Orc Fighter Our heroes have also heard rumors from within the Keep and will soon plan their next adventure. They have been told that "A merchant, imprisoned in the caves, will reward his rescuers." "A magic wand was lost in the caves' area." Lizard-men live in the marshes." And, "Beware the mad hermit of the north lands."

Hope to see everyone again!

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