D&D 5E: The Ironwood Curse (FULL)

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D&D: The Ironwood Curse

Participation in this event requires the purchase of the D&D 5E: Players Handbook from the Wandering Dragon. If you have already purchased your book elsewhere please email us at [masked] to inquire about availability.

The unique setting of The Ironwood curse will be centered in the town of Ironwood, a small riverside logging community in the Ironwood forest. Historically, Ironwood had been built around the export of the strange "living wood" trees, which can be tempered hard as Iron and are known for their strange magical properties.

But in recent decades the vibrant forest has grown duller and darker, parts even having been reduced to mired swamps and murky moors.

The adventurers' arrival in this dismal place, true to form, is overshadowed by the gruesome murder of the towns oldest patron: Lord Hendrik Highwater. Lady Eliza Highwater, his only living descendant and inheritor of his fortune, would give nothing save for to know the culprit, and has offered up a bounty of a lifetime to those smart and brave enough to find the truth of the Ironwood Curse.