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MTG: Tuesday Night Commander!

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Every week on Tuesday

Price: $6.00 /per person
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MTG: Tuesday Night Commander!

Bring your best Commander Deck and see if you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Commander on Tuesday Nights at The Dragon!

In order to make the games more fun and fair for everyone, we are implementing the following House Rules:

If a spell or ability could cause an ability to activate or trigger infinitely, the controlling player is only allowed 2 activations/triggers of that ability. Examples include creating infinite mana or creating infinite tokens. If a player would take extra turns, they are limited to 2 extra turns.

If a card combination would cause a player to instantly win a game regardless of game state, they instead get the first 2 instances of that combo.Examples include using Mind Over Matter and Temple Bell to cause all players to draw their library or using Future Sight+ Sensei's Diving Top+ Helm of Awakening in order to "storm" all other players into defeat.

Note: This does not affect instant win conditions, like those found on Mayael's Aria or Felidar SovereignIn addition to the official banned card list found on (, Hermit Druid is also banned from use in decks for these events.

Any combo may be subject to review by league organizers.