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(formerly The Washington, D.C. Area Dreams Meetup Group)

The 24-Hour Dreamer

Working with your night dreams, daydreams, moods, body feelings, and other wanderings with the unconscious

We are extremely prolific dreamers, pouring unconscious material into our sleeping and waking lives. With a bit of training, these messages will become more observable and, with lots of practice, more understandable and useful. This monthly class uses the dream group method to explore night dreams and in-class and out-of-class techniques to capture and explore the content of our daydreams, moods, autobiographical memories, and knowings that come up in body sensations. Format: short presentations; extended discussion by group; time for individual practice; and optional sharing.
Fee: Free but small donations ($5) are always appreciated to help defray the cost of rent and materials.

Join us or call for more information: 703-975-9175; see blog - http://www.FireballImagery.com

Instructor: Gary Goodwin has led dream groups since 1991 and has received training from major dreamworkers: Jeremy Taylor and Monte Ullman. He is a certified Interactive Guided Imagery guide, Level 1 Guided Imagery and Music guide, and has completed training with imagery instructors: David Bresler, Mark Lawrence, Belleruth Naperstak, and Ann Weiser Cornell.

Videos, videos, videos - How to get started with dreamwork, visualization, and imagination

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