What we're about

This group is for ALL who are seeking purpose and more passion in their lives and relationships. My vision for this Group is to provide insights about living your soul's life purpose. How to attract passionate partners who will surrender and open to you with enduring desire. It’s about learning why women suddenly lose interest in sex. It will touch on another perspective about the art of loving, understanding the heart and the soul of a woman and how to take your relationships from good to Goddess. There seems to be a thirst out there for more men who desire intimacy, love, passion and purpose in our lives and are seeking insight and have yet to find a safe place to connect with other Men. This is why I am organizing this group. After reading David Deida's, "The Way of The Superior Man”.A Spiritual Guide to Mastering The Challenges of Women, Work and Sexual Desire I was inspired and enlighted about how to create powerful and intimate relationships. This book has lots of big ideas!

David’s books are an extraordinary body of work that if it speaks to you, will literally be an unlearning of what has been programmed into your being. I have no formal training on this material and simply a Man, like yourself that seeks more of everything in my life.

I am excited to facilitate this group. I think there is nothing better than the adventure of passionate loving. Try us out. Share, have some fun, enjoy riveting relationship talk. In the end, it is my hope you will walk away with clarity on your life’s purpose and a different way of looking at relationships than you ever thought possible.

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