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This online class was created to instruct a cannabis business in the basics for remaining compliant to the legislation and regulation in your state. The course is free and designed to strengthen the community of businesses in our industry. It teaches the acknowledgement of accountability required to maintain a business license within the operating procedures and parameters laid out by the state for a cannabis-based business. We will be covering the comprehension of basic state licensing regulations, knowledge and common-sense practices of cannabis, business, risk, and federal compliance to manage the industry with common-sense compliance.

There will be six (6) class-based sessions accompanied by the Weed Business Workbook to supplement our teaching the very basics. For those who sign up for the class we ask for a completion commitment for the purposes of statistical monitoring, as well as to provide supplemental support and instruction. Once the class has been completed a certification test will be available for your selected state. Upon receiving a passing score, a certificate will be sent to your state’s authority agency on your behalf for validation.

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