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San Gorgonio Summit via Vivian Creek

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RSVP's are currently closed for this hike due to the 12 permits Elyse obtained being spoken for (between our group and cross-postings). A waiting list is available. Permits are FREE, and you can obtain 12 per person. If you would like to go, email Elyse (not Larry), and she will tell you how to get them.

This is a 16-17 mile round trip hike with 5400 feet elevation gain and loss. At 11,501 feet, the summit of San Gorgonio is the highest point in Southern California. We will be taking the most direct route to the top, Vivian Creek Trail. You gain nearly a vertical mile in less than 8 mile distance.

Note: This will be a strenous all-day hike. 10-11 hours of hiking.

One of the steepest routes, we'll start from near the head of Mill Creek Canyon. We will be climbing into the verdant valley of Vivian Creek, cross a high ridge into High Creek (above High Creek and just before the treeline we will get our first panoramic view of San Jacinto Mountain), and finally ascend gravelly slopes to the barren summit- "Old Grayback" En route, we will pass three beautiful trail camps - Vivian Creek, Halfway Camp, and High Creek.

-Location- Vivian Creek Trail 1 EO8

-Park at the Vivian Creek Trail sign -Web site:!ut/p/c4/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gDfxMDT8MwRydLA1cj72BTJw8jAwjQL8h2VAQAzHJMsQ!!/?ss=110512&navid=110000000000000&pnavid=null&cid=FSE_003741&...

-An Adventure Parking Pass is required. I WILL BE LOOKING INTO GETTING PERMITS! (free) first come first serve basis

-Ranger station:
Mill Creek Ranger Station

34701 Mill Creek Road

Mentone, Ca 92359


Some elevation stats:
-Walking 1/2 mile up dry stream to trailhead 6080 elevation

-Vivian Creek Camp elevation 7160'

-Halfway Camp elevation 8000'

-High Creek Camp elevation 9230' from here we have 2.4 miles to summit 11,5001'

The weather can be extreme and often changes drastically in minutes. Once above the tree line, we will be exposed to the heat of the day, and afternoon thunderstorms are reported to be common, even in the summer. A hot, clear day can rapidly transform into wind-driven rain, hail, and plummeting temperatures. Carry plenty of water, food and warm clothing, not cotton (layers). Be prepared to turn around on the way up or leave the summit at the first sign of threatening weather conditions. We may need crampons due to the amount of rain this year, and the trail conditions may still be icy at the end of May. I will keep an eye on the trail and weather conditions leading up to the hike and update the information as needed. Web site is given above if you would like to check for stats.

Please know your hiking limits! This hike is advanced, and will be a great accomplishment and well worth the hard work! Let's have some FUN!

Directions: From the 38 East, turn right at the junction with the Valley of the Falls Rd. (a few miles past the Mill Creek Ranger Station). Follow the road until it ends, and park near the Vivian Creek Trail sign.