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Rosewood - Los Robles Shuttle Hike - a Gentler Hike

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This hike represents two landmarks for the gentler hiking group - the first time on most of these trails, and the first shuttle hike! We'll meet at the end of the hike (directions below), then shuttle/carpool about 5 minutes to the start, leaving half of the cars at the end. When we're finished the hike, we'll take the remaining cars to get everyone back to the cars that are parked at the starting point. Confusing? It's not really once you see how it's done.

We'll start hiking up the Rosewood Trail, a cooler northward-facing trail. At the top, we'll take a short spur to get to the picnic table and take in the views of Newbury Park and Dos Vientos down below. After a bit of a rest, we'll head east on Los Robles Trail, head down the twisty and winding "Space Mountain" trail, finally finishing with the shady Whole Access Trail with its beautiful oak canopy. Once back to the street, we follow some neighborhood paths and walkways to get back to the cars.

Statistics: 5.6 miles with a rough estimate of about 1000' of climbing.

Pace: This is a gentler hike. We will go at a more moderate pace than a regular Trailblazer hike, and we'll take more breaks. The purpose is to give novice and intermediate hikers who may feel they're not up to a regular hike a chance to get out and experience our beautiful trails. Faster hikers are welcome to join us so long as they are willing to hike at the slower pace of the group. However, this hike is probably too difficult for someone who is new to hiking, or hasn't been hiking in a long time. We typically finish about noon, but could be delayed for any number of reasons. If you are looking for a fast-paced hike, or have to finish by a specific time, this hike is probably not for you.

Directions: From the 101 Freeway in Thousand Oaks, exit at Lynn Road and turn south-west. Drive about a block to the first traffic right, Greenmeadow Avenue, and turn left. Drive past the first street and park at the side of the road.

Map: Use this Google map to help you find your way

Lunch: We usually, although not always, go somewhere for lunch after the hike. This is completely optional and is considered to be in addition to this event, not part of it.